Friday, 23 May 2014


I'm sorry to say, but Dan is clearly winding down. I don't know if it's the influence of the temptress Sue Clark but tonight he is celebrating a big day with a glass of vino. In fact he was on his second. The whole thing is starting to sound like a bit of a holiday. Ok, fair enough, he's tramped his way across 30 miles of wilderness and summited another big bunch of Munros on the way (8 in all - see yesterday's blog for the names) but I hope he doesn't take his foot off the gas. He even had the audacity to suggest that tomorrow is 'steady', only 11 hours at best. I don't know if Jim Louden will de disappointed or relieved.

Mind you, he did today in 14 after predicting 15 or 16. The weather was windy, wet and claggy but Alec Keith did a great job with Andy Cox, using his navigation skills and local knowledge to get Dan round all in one piece and in an impressive time.

As mentioned Dan is joined by Jim on the hill tomorrow, and by evening the north of Scotland will be filling up with friends and family intent on sharing the last few days of Dan's adventure. You can share in this by listening to BBC Radio Cumbria on Tuesday morning, there may even be a live interview at about 7.45am with the man himself. You can read about his adventure in Cumbria Life this month too. Oh, the fame!

A big thank you to James Thurlow for sorting out the tracker. Hopefully we'll replace the straight line from Kintail to Torridon with a more accurate line. Thanks also to Graham Patten and Chris Upson for looking into this.

And finally (again) a big thank you to all of you who answered Helen's plea and pledged some money to Dan's chosen causes. It looks like he might reach his fundraising targets as well as completing the challenge.


  1. Matt - I've emailed you a GPX track for the missing link. Hopefully this can be plugged in.
    Dan - enjoy your final 4 days, and keep safe.

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