Thursday, 15 May 2014

Fresh meat

What a day!

Dan spent last night in the spookiest bothy in all Scotland - think Saw, think the Shining, think Blair Witch Project, but superimpose the deep stench of over cooked haggis. And he was alone. The night played tricks with his mind and before he knew it he was up, and awake, and romping west into the Cuillin hills.

Despite atrocious weather and impossibly named impassable peaks, Dan and Matt Reedy ticked off 8 of the Munros in that treacherous horseshoe. A descent before the day was done was inevitable.

Tonight fresh meat has arrived, lambs to the slaughter, innocents to be slammed against the walls of granite stealth. But they bring a fresh optimism and enthusiasm for the days ahead. Tomorrow Dan, with Si and Chris, will have to tick off the 3 missing peaks, and Blabbhein, and head east to Glen Shiel. A day is lost but the adventure is unrelenting.


  1. Steady on!
    this commentary is getting better than the telly.
    how is his foot/ankle now?

  2. A bit better Gary. I think. Certainly not holding him back.

  3. Glad to hear bulk of the ridge ticked off. Good luck with the remaining 3 plus Blaven tomorrow.

  4. Can anyone let us know where Dan is going to be next weekend ? Astrid and I are up on hols and it would be great to support Dan. Cheers - Tom Gibbs

  5. Hi Tom,
    Keep an eye on the schedule to see where Dan's likely to be next weekend. Cheers, Chris

    1. Thanks Chris
      Didn't know if that schedule was being updated with progress so far.
      Looks like fannichs or Ben wyvis......