Sunday, 4 May 2014

All change

A busy few days in Scotland, not just the Bank Holiday weekend but all the kind folk who have made their way north to help Mr D.

Matt Beresford is my source on the inside for tonight's blog. Him and Jim motored north on Friday to provide Dan with logistical and moral support, along with many others. Apparently last night's overnight in the Hutchinson bothy had a cultural element, a group of German girls were in situ when the team arrived. Fortunately Dan had the option of spending the night with local legend (Bob???) in his tent which ensured he had a reasonable night's sleep!

Through the day yesterday the weather was reasonable, the cloud layer sat above the hills making navigation straightforward. Some of you will have noted that during Saturday Dan ticked off Ben Macdui, the second highest hill in Scotland. He also ticked off Devil's Point and Angel's Peak (this challenge is starting to sound a bit like Game of Thrones!!!!!!!)

Today was a slightly different day with clag around the tops later in the day, certainly warmer with no real wind, but trickier navigating every now and then. Dan's ankle is as it was; not a problem romping up hill, however on the flat and down hill the pain remains, it hasn't worsened but it doesn't seem to improve. Which is maybe not surprising considering it's getting at least a 20 mile pounding every day.

Tomorrow Dan will head south and spiral clockwise out of the Cairngorm group ending the day on a track north from Sgor Gaoith. His schedule will then lead him west.

In terms of change mission control is now helmed by the ever chipper Ben Evans and his partner in crime Christeen. Other assistance has come from Andy Cox (really helpful), Jim Burn and Mark. I'd love to name check everyone who's been around but sadly I don't have a definitive list. Helen is safely home and delighted at the prospect of sourcing food from a 'real' supermarket and cooking in a kitchen. I know that Dan will feel their absence keenly as the days progress.

The last thing I will say is that if you haven't already it's maybe time to support Dan's chosen charities. These charities are working hard to protect the places where Dan is running. Hopefully decades from now people might still be able to hike/run/walk/adventure in these wild places. Let's do what we can, whilst we can.

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  1. So impressed Dan, you are amazing and what an incredible adventure! Enjoying reading this story as it all unfolds
    Katy Angus and girls