Sunday, 11 May 2014

Into the Wild (and a plea!)

Dan phoned at around 2pm today in the midst of a bike ride up the north side of the Great Glen to Clunes. As you'll see he's set off up the last 2 hills of the day, which when complete, will result in another cycle ride up to Kinloch Hourn.

Tomorrow he sets out into the wilderness of Knoydart (I hope he doesn't find an abandoned bus to live in). It will be a super long day with tough terrain and little respite, and certainly no option in terms of cutting the day short if things are going well. He plans to set off at 5am to give him a good chance of getting everything done with a little time to rest in the evening. As posted yesterday all the days are big for a while!

A really serious day is Thursday (or maybe Friday) when he faces the Cuillin Ridge on Skye. At the moment he's in need of someone who can support him on the route. Many of you will know that Dan has done the Cuillin Ridge before, I think with Martin Bagness (Bilbo). He is a competent climber so it won't be a case of 'holding his hand' over the crags but he will need a rope on some sections to stay safe. If anyone can help around that time, or knows of someone else who would enjoy being involved, please can you get in touch with one of us. Even a post here would be great to set the ball rolling...

The shoe situation looks to be sorted (thanks Phil). Graham has sent over a few photos of yesterday and this morning for your enjoyment. See below.

Crikey, the campsite had a pool!

Take heed...


  1. Hi Dan, well done for getting over 60% of the way round. The ladies in the office are watching your progress. We are very impressed.

  2. The year 6's are also avid followers! What an inspiration!