Monday, 19 May 2014

Locked down

Dan's had a short day today, maybe only 12 hours on the hill and in that time he's mopped up 6 Munros to the south of Loch Monar. A reasonable day weather wise, and by all accounts an amazing camp site at the reservoir head. Phil, Sue and John were able to drive part way up Glen Strathfarrar with plenty of supplies to make sure that Dan and Chris Upson have a comfortable night.

Unfortunately, as a consequence of Dan's idleness, falling behind schedule and all that, tomorrow the private road the support crew used is locked to vehicles. So in the morning Phil and Jon face a 35 mile bike ride back up the Glen to collect all the kit.

Tomorrow Dan faces another massive day.10 Munros spread over 30 miles, as he now plans to avoid another camp and journey all the way to the A890 for a night in the van. Apparently the weather is set to be fair, and Dan by all accounts is going strong. Good news all round.

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