Sunday, 18 May 2014

My apologies

No update since Thursday evening and I'm very sorry. However, the good news is that Dan's made it safely back from Skye after completing Cuillin in 2 chunks.  The first section in abysmal weather which made the route even more dangerous than it usually is. The second on Friday morning followed by a slog over Blabheinn and the tortuous bike ride back onto the mainland with Simon this time taking the lead. Dan wanted to thank Aled in particular for leading out on the bikes when he headed over to Skye last Wednesday. Apparently the weather was hellish.

He phoned this morning to explain that for the next few days he's certainly going to be out of range and any updates will leak out of Scotland via the support team, picking up reception when and where they can. The tracker has also stopped, either from lack of juice or again the issue of not being able to communicate. Probably the former as for the next 3 nights Dan is camping out in the wilds without the facility to recharge it. Like I say, I'm sure we'll get info one way or the other.

Thanks to Chris Upson who emailed yesterday to confirm that Dan did in fact tick off the 12 Munros to the north of Glen Shiel and was spending the night in the Glenlicht bothy. Today he plans to summit 8 more hills on the north side of Glen Affric and then camp above Loch Uaine, below Carn Eighe - it looks like a fantastic place.

So Dan is counting down the Munros, the days, the miles, the hours until he's done. He suggested that once these few big days are done the finishing line will be in sight. I still look at that pin map in astonishment, all the blue, but still a lot of red, and each one of those another trudge in the mist and rain that is currently shrouding north west Scotland. Here in Kendal we're blessed with good weather; yesterday evening Phil and Sue sat in the van as the rain poured down. Can the weather Gods not give the lad a break or is it all part of the test, another layer to endure, just to make completion all the more sweet?


  1. Dan – your progress north through some terrible weather and physical challenges is awesome; particularly your tough two days on the Cuillin. Now you can savour the remaining sixty or so Munros and home in on Ben Hope. I enjoy reading your blog and comments and it’s great to be able to watch you on a day-to-day basis. Some of the best mountains are still to come so relax and enjoy every step while your journey of a lifetime heads to the wonders of Sutherland. Good luck from Hugh and Pauline Symonds

  2. "Is there any spot on earth that men have not proved accessible by the simplest means--feet and legs and heart?" ~ Edward Abbey