Monday, 5 May 2014

Tramadol Nights

A brief chat with Dan tonight - phone and 3G connection is pretty poor where he is at the moment so apologies to anyone trying to get in touch to sort out logistics; keep trying, you will get through eventually.

So another day done (and the Cairngorms to boot) and Dan is looking forward to a decent night's sleep after 2 pretty disturbed evenings in various Bothies. The blog title tonight is in honour of the very kind Scottich gentlemen who offered our hero some serious painkillers to ease the pain in his ankle. Did he succumb? Not for me to say.

Tonight sees Dan hooking up with Ben Evans and Christeen who are now in charge of the motorhome for the next few days. And as usual Dan has so many people to thank, and I struggle to remember the names - Jim, Matt, Bill, Mack, Darren, there must be more and I promise you will find your name in this blog at some stage as a thank you for looking after him (and also in the book he'll inevitably write and make us read - our own personal endurance challenge). An endless supply of photos are now doing the rounds as well and again I'll try and attach some highlights here and even a link or two if my IT skills allow me.

The pain in Dan's ankle remains - no worse, no better. Uphill fine; flat and downhill uncomfortable. Poles still fairly essential. However, you'll notice he has cracked on today and even tagged tomorrow's scheduled bike ride on to the end of the day. But tomorow is a beast; 4 Munros, followed by a long slog, a road crossing and then 4 more, 36 miles in all (gulp). A real test of Dan's resolve and the extent to which he can ignore the pain in his leg. Hobbling with poles over tussocks and uneven terrain, gritting his teeth, mainlining iburpofen, is he living the dream; a good question.

More great photos from the last few days...

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  1. You are living the dream, Dan! If it were easy, everyone would be doing it. I am reading "Running High" and your blog concurrently--amazement and admiration building nightly. Keep the faith--you've got this.