Monday, 26 May 2014

Final Sprint

No wifi for team Munro, so apologies but you have me tonight (Rach). Will just be giving you the basics though as not much of a writer! Matt rang through an update so here goes...

Dan was super quick today and even tagged on Ben Klibreck finishing at 6.30pm. Tomorrow is an early and enthusiastic start at 6am, to cycle first and then master the final Munro, Ben Hope, between 8-8.30am and make the Munro 2014 complete in 42 days. So get up early you tracker follows to see the final sprint for the finish and get those Champagne glasses ready!!


  1. I can't believe the Dan Munro show is going to end tomorrow. It's like the world cup football - we've all been engrossed in another world, waking up to check on where Dan is, how many Munros he's done, dot watching his steady progress throughout the day. So, the finale is tomorrow. Congratulations Dan - I'll look forward to seeing your dot on top of Munro 282.

  2. What are we all going to do at work after tomorrow? Well done Dan on a fine and gutsy achievement. Savour every moment of the last few steps of your epic journey.

  3. Ditto Graham,
    kept an eye on that blue line (whilst in the pub). A closer look at the map showed a nearby hotel, so I hope he tastes a wee dram tonight. Been an emotional, arduous, draining unbelievable achievement, for both Dan, his family and all those supporters. Everybody is really chuffed and I hope that the fundraising request is answered. Throw away the fell shoes Dan and put on the carpet slippers, you deserve rest and recovery (for a bit). Well Done!