Tuesday, 6 May 2014

A golden day

Dan's happy. A massive day done, around 35 miles with loads of ascent, and more running in it than there has been in the last five. A huge descent to finish the day caused quite a lot of pain in the injured ankle, but who knows maybe things are on the mend? The next few days are certainly a bit more straightforward.

The company of Sam Hesling has certainly spurred Dan on as well, quality support on the hill and much appreciated. But the last few weeks have been like that, over 15 different people giving their time, energy and enthusiasm to this challenge just for the joy of being involved. Again, much appreciated and clearly the difference between success and failure for Dan.

Something else that has spurred Dan on is messages of support - through twitter, the blog, Facebook, the Just Giving sites - the messages of support from friends, and also people Dan doesn't know at all well keep him going. He's been out of the loop for 5 days, without decent communication, but tonight  phones have been ringing and buzzing, profiles updated etc and Dan has been made up with the support that is out there. Please keep it coming.

Another ambition was also achieved today as Dan caught sight of a Golden Eagle.

More help has arrived today, Mark Roberts returns, and John Deegan and Graham Patten have arrived. Tomorrow if all goes to plan these boys will see Dan hurdle the 50% mark, over half of them done by the end of tomorrow followed by another (sleepless?) night in the hills at the end of it. In a tent as the Culra bothy is closed (thanks Barbara).

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