Saturday, 3 May 2014


It's fair to say that the pain in Dan's leg hasn't necessarily lessened, strapping and ibuprofen (and the poles) are still essential, but our hero has certainly picked up the pace. In fact such was the progress today that Dan tacked on a bonus hill at the end of today's already modified schedule even after ticking off Ben Avon and Cairn Gorm mountain itself.

Tonight he is ensconced in the Hutchinson Memorial Hut...

Home, sweet home...
He's not alone, and despite being told who is with him, I apologise for not remembering. This place is at the foot of the track up to Loch Etchachan with the crags of Creagan a Choire Etchachan as a backdrop. Sounds (and looks) amazing.

Tomorrow Helen and the girls hand over mission control (the motor home) to Ben Evans and Christeen. Safe hands to see Dan through the Cairngorms and back toward Fort William. I'm sure Ruby, Emma and Helen are looking forward to sharing a slightly bigger living space for a while, and not spending days sitting in remote lay-bys or waiting in car parks. I know Dan will miss them.


  1. Good stuff. I did wonder if Dan might make use of the Hutchison Hut. It really is in a fantastic location!

  2. yes, the hut looks much improved!