Wednesday, 30 April 2014

You'll see from the tracker that Dan has had a shorter day. He has worked hard to protect his damaged ankle using polls to navigate the difficult terrain. Carrying the polls makes navigation tricky however Dan has been fortunate to have been assisted today by Gary (more massages), Stu, Mack and Daz. He's been able to concentrate on moving and not been having to worry about where he's going. You'll see he ticked off eight hills and 22 miles despite the pain in his leg. He has another shorter day planned for tomorrow with seven Munros and roughly 20 miles of walking. The trick is to keep going but to make sure the pain doesn't get any worse.

Dan really appreciates all the support and advice he has received over the last few difficult days. He certainly sounded much more positive today, he knows the record is not on the cards and therefore wants to make sure he can complete the challenge. His schedule will be rethought out for the next few days until the Cairgorms are done. Once these beasts are completed, even with the injury, the days ahead are steadier.

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  1. Good luck Dan. Hopefully with a few slightly shorter days, and using the trekking poles, your ankle will settle down again, and you'll get back into your stride.