Saturday, 26 April 2014


Not much to say tonight, other than it's done. A horrible bike ride north, followed by a trudge in the clag, gratefully accompanied by Stu, round 3 uninspiring peaks. After a descent back to the road the mist lifted and the following 4 Munros were ticked off with little navigation required. A really enjoyable part of the day. Unfortunately this hill section was followed by a grim 2 hour ride into a headwind back down the A9. Dan's been in wild places, with wild weather and wild terrain but naturally a stint on UK roads on a bike put him at his most vulnerable. Never mind, he survived and it's done. On the whole a grim day but job done.

The next few days are logistically a little tricky. Fortunately there are a number of keen assistants on hand to make sure this enterprise is successful. Dan couldn't chat for long tonight as him, Stu, and Chris Upson get organised for tomorrow night's wild camp (let's hope the weather and equipment holds this time). Gary Thorpe and Bill are also on hand to see Dan through the next few days.

You may have noticed on a map or the tracker that yesterday Dan pushed north through a neat east to west geographical line (formed by the Blackwater Reservoir, Loch Rannoch and Loch Tummel) and has now started to tick off all those Munros to the east. A few days from now another section of the map will be blue.

Any thoughts on the tracker. Up until now the map has been OS based and now it looks to be a Googlemap render. Any preferences? Let me know.


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    1. Os is better, amazing job dans doing, stick in there, hopefully I might be able to volunteer and meet up to keep dan company when your further north.

  2. Sorry small blip on the OS mapping.. is back and working. For a brief time over the weekend they stopped giving us OS map tiles so had to switch over to google (or it would have been a dot on white space). Talking to them now to stop this happening again.