Monday, 14 April 2014

A cracking start...

And he's off. If you've logged on to this blog at all today you'll see that Dan has made just the start he wanted on his Munro round. He's asked me, Matt Towe, to update the blog on his behalf each day so that people can keep a track of his progress. In addition, Graham Patten of VO2 Max events has sorted Dan with a real time tracker, if you want to watch his progress on the hills and roads. I'm already obsessed! We spoke at about 5.45pm and he was just about 100 metres from the top of his third Munro of the day, Sgorr Dhearg. I think by now he'll have rendezvoused with his support team at Elleric bringing to an end the first of many epic days in the Scottish hills.

The weather on Ben More was windy, wild and claggy but faired up through the morning despite staying a little breezy. The big question is how today, or any of the days in the schedule might be if the weather worsens. Today was long enough without stronger winds or heavy rain to slow things down. Without any real rest stops or breaks today, Dan wonders how he will stand up physically to consecutive days of similarly punishing schedules. That remains to be seen.

Dan spent most of our call talking about how many people he is already indebted to in terms of making this dream of his possible. In particular, crossing the Sound of Mull was a highlight of the day. Dan was looked after by Tony, a man he's never met, who gave up a day to make sure Dan had the right support and equipment to safely cross the water. Brilliant!

Today was tough for Helen too, and the girls. Two ferry crossings, lots of driving and I assume plenty of sitting around. Dan realises he has a lot to thank his family for, particularly Helen. Dan's also had support from the Reedy family today, again much appreciated.

Tomorrow is a simpler day logistically but still mammoth. Good luck Dan! See you in Glencoe for a beer?


  1. look forward to meeting you and that beer tomorrow Matt. just packing all that stuff for you to carry to the high camp :-)

  2. Pack light John, pack light. ;)

  3. Loving the already epic nature of this. Much love and respect to all the Duxbury clan :-)

  4. Well done Dan! A great start already!

  5. Well done Dan...nice to hear of a great start.

  6. Sarah and I were luxuriating on a cruiser on loch lomond yesterday looking at the Bens and thinking about the massive adventure you're facing. Good luck!!