Friday, 18 April 2014

Gin and tonic

Not much to say other than today has been just the 'tonic' Dan, and everyone involved, needed after the Glen Etive epic. Matt B, John F and Dan, as mentioned, had a great start to the day. Rachel sensed a real buzz in the car this morning because of the stunning weather and the inspiring draw of the mountains. The weather and general conditions on the hill kept spirits and the pace high all day. A predicted end time of 9pm soon got adjusted down to7pm and in fact ended with a finish at the Cruachan Power Station near Lochawe at 6.30pm.

Unfortunately today brought to an end the fantastic support that Dan has received from both John Fleetwood and Matt Beresford. Their help and positivity has made a massive difference over the last few difficult days. Safe drive home boys.

The good news is that the Reedy family are still in town and will certainly be involved on Sunday if not before. Aled Butler is also heading north to support Dan on his paddle across Loch Lomond. Tomorrow also sees the arrival of Lou and Mark Roberts to support Dan on the hill. An amazing effort from so many people.

Scotland is a wild and beautiful place, full of contrasts, rewards and challenges, and the last few days have really brought this to bear. If you haven't already done so, watch the John Muir video embedded in this blog. Then dig deep and sponsor Dan to protect these places and help educate people about them. The John Muir trust and Wildlife Trusts need your support. One more picture...

Matt Reedy on Buachiulle Etive Mor (a catalogue shot or what?)
Oh, go on then, one more...

Can anyone spot Lord Munro in his chair? Road crossing at Glen Etive on Wednesday before things got interesting...


  1. Awesome sounding day! Jon Coe and myself should be up over the May bank holiday. Can't wait to catch up....

  2. I hope this good weather lasts for Dan, the sense of wellbeing from it puts a spring in everyone's stride. The pics are great and increase my desire to get up there. Keep going Dan and entourage, despite your troubles the smiles are still there, well done!.