Friday, 18 April 2014

Thank you

The last day or so has been interesting to say the least and as a result of the chaos yesterday I'd like to say a huge thank you to Ellen and Andy at Glengarry House who generally let us take refuge there and helped us out with laundry and drying out all the kit.  They were brilliant and enormously helpful. Thank you.

Today has started well and is fantastic weather. We've got back on track today thanks mainly to the generosity of Matt and Rachel Towe. They have done loads of driving to get people where they needed to be, fed us all, given us shelter, rescued all the camp stuff from the mountain yesterday (with Matt B) and generally done everything and anything they can to help. Today they are even helping me entertain the children. You've been great and your help is really appreciated.

For everyone else out there thank you for all your messages of support. We can't get back to everyone but your messages really spur Dan on, so keep them coming.

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