Tuesday, 29 April 2014


Rest. Ice. Compression. Elevation. This is all that I am aiming for today. I went over on my ankle at about midday on Saturday in a manner that I would do often running at home, took a moment to check that all was ok, it seemed to be, so I assumed I had got away with it. And I probably would have had I not had two of the most brutal days running in the bogs, tussocks and peat hags on the Mounth. At the end of Sunday it was very sore and given the pain I was in yesterday morning, the 24 miles and 8 Munros were a minor miracle only made possible by Gary's regular treatment loosening it up. Attempting to run any distance with the state of it this morning would be foolish so it's feet up in the sunshine.

So what does this mean for my plans? I guess we'll see. I can't afford to rest indefinately until it recovers; I simply haven't got the time. So I fear that a few runs with strapping, drugs and pain management and hopefully it will ease with time. 



  1. really sorry to hear that Dan. Must be the curse of the overnight camp striking again. How about taking poles from now on? Let me know if you have any support gaps in the days ahead.

  2. Effective strapping and ibuprofen can make a big difference. Hopefully the day off will pay dividends, and you can get back on track tomorrow.

  3. I second John's idea of trying the poles! Should give a bit more stability and take weight off the ankle!? Take care Dan, and strap that ankle up well before you head out again! Britta

  4. In a way, Dan, this may be a blessing in disguise. You've been keeping on schedule and you are obviously capable of chasing Spike's record. With this latest setback, your challenge now is to finish this incredible, life changing, journey at your own pace and you have 34 days left to do it. I'll bring some spare poles with me next Tuesday and you can keep them - they'll help no end & I'll teach you how to use them properly. Me and Fred (AKA Jon Deegan) are looking forward to some good craic on the hills next week. And remember : You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have!! Good luck!

  5. Hi Dan, also consider a lightweight pair of walking boots and doing exactly that, walking for a few days with the extra support and letting the ankle ease up a bit. I had to do that back in 2000 and it helped keep me going and get back on track. Okay, you'll probably need to rejig the schedule again, but at least you'll be moving. Your next stretch between Tom Buidhe and Mayer is miles of more unrelenting peat hags so boots are probably advantageous anyway - that and 5 x 400mg of daily profen ;-) Best of...

  6. I don't have any 'proper' advice to give like the pros who have commented today. Lots of people thinking of you and sending positive vibes your way. Live in the moment and enjoy the family time in the sun. Breathe, stretch (not likely) and think of how amazing you have done so far. Just sat here with the list of people invited to your party as I promised Matt I would crack on with inviting people. You got that invite you did a while ago so that I can email people?

  7. Ps that last one was from Rach not Matt

  8. Dan
    I can send you a pair of Altra zero drop LONE PEAK shoes.
    These are footshaped and zero drop so will be more stable than your current shoes.
    Developed for ultra running, they have an integrated 'rockplate' which will save your feet from getting completely battered on rocky ground.
    If your interested let me know your size in your current shoes and I will arrange for a pair to be sent up to you.
    Keep your spirits up.

  9. Hey Dan, if you want poles let me know, I've good contacts at Ardblair Sports in Blairgowrie, Leki importers, they should be able to get a test pair to you, hope the ankle has been good today :-)