Thursday, 17 April 2014

WILD camp

Nightmare! Last night's wild camp turned into a battle for survival as out tent collapsed around us in very high winds at 5am leaving us freezing, wet and with no way of sorting food out. The weather really was too wild to move up, and staying put waiting for it to calm wasn't a goer either with no shelter, so given the state of us, we cut our losses and descended to Glen Etive. Got a lift back to Tyndrum and the van. Not much to be salvaged given we can't get to Dalmally now today so will rest up and do a biggun tomorrow.

Felt great so far. Big days, slow pace, just enough snow to make it interesting at times. Certainly didn't expect to be updating this blog myself until the end. Sat here now at 1pm looking at the windy but clear tops feeling like crap. Should be up there, didn't want to drop behing schedule so soon, but what can I do? Will be like a bear with a sore head all day I think.

Can I also say thanks to people for the kind donations. If you are enjoying the tracker and blog and feel like giving a bit to support the wonderful work of the John Muir Trust or Cumbria Wildlife Trust, the links to donate are on the right.


  1. Glad you're OK Dan. I was getting worried when the track didn't move. I'll see if I can get up to help tomorrow.

  2. Good luck tomorrow! Thursday is history. Happy Easter!

  3. Hi Dan, Sorry to read of your rough night in the tent. We crossed paths very briefly on your ascent of Meall a' Bhuridh. I was descending the ridge, heading for Creise with my two Springer Spaniels.
    May well see you again either Sunday 25th or Monday 26th May. Heading to Assynt, accompanied this time with my better half and all four of our spaniels! Wishing you all the very best with your fantastic endeavour! Eric :)