Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Sunshine and snow (under foot) after a slow start

I know that one or two of you were a little concerned to see Dan's tracker dot doing very little before about 9.30am this morning. Fear yea not, a few teething problems with the van was all and as any one who logged on later will know Dan has had another full day on the hill and bagged another 7 Munros, bringing his tally to 10.

Conditions on the top looked amazing with sunshine, a little high cloud and lots of soft snow in the high places (some great photos will appear here soon). Dan was looked after by Joe and Matt Reedy again through the day, with John Fleetwood also making an appearance. Jane Reedy pitched in again for the final leg into Glencoe, with the team landing back at about 8.30pm - a long day indeed.

Tomorrow looks to be interesting with wet weather forecast. Rain combined with the first wild camp of the trip may well start to test the resolve of all involved.


  1. Great work Dan and team!
    I've been glued to your track all day.
    Good luck with the 11-hill day tomorrow, and the first wild camp of the trip.
    That wild camp below Ben Starav could be interesting!
    You might need to drop low for some shelter.
    Good luck, and keep it going!

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