Saturday, 19 April 2014

Make hay whilst the sun shines

Another beautiful day has spurred Dan on to make good progress. An early start with Aled Butler on the bike took Dan to a forest car park to the north of his next Munro.

Here Dan was welcomed by a veritable entourage of support. Stephen Pyke (current holder of the Munro record), Chris Upson (busy updating the pin map and schedule), Mark Roberts, Aled Butler and Rachel Towe all forded the River Lochy and romped up Beinn a Chleibh. You'll see from the tracker that Dan completed the day's schedule in good time.

Hopefully, as the weather holds Dan will maintain the current rate of progress. He has also been joined today by his Mum and Jim to spur him on further. 4 Munros in the morning tomorrow and then a kayak across Loch Lomond, finishing with Ben Lomond if everything goes to plan.