Friday, 18 April 2014

Back on track...

If you're watching the tracker you'll know that after yesterday's setback Dan has made an early start and by about brunch had ticked off at least 3 more Munros. Dan, John Fleetwood and Matt Beresford returned to Glen Etive and had a brutal morning climb up to Stob Coir an Albannach. The team were on Ben Starav by 10.30, essentially catching up on the last bit of Day 4. Dan is still a day behind his initial schedule but happy, safe and in a better position to make progress and enjoy the amazing weather that the next few days promise. Naturally, the boys still have a beast of a day ahead of them, with 8 hills to summit before bedtime in the van at Dalmally.

Helen's already said but I think it worth mentioning again how much everyone appreciated the kindness and help that Ellen and Andy gave to the team yesterday. If ever you need a base in Tyndrum we would absolutely recommend their B&B, Glengarry House (400 yards on the right before you get in to Tyndrum itself when driving up form Crianlarich). We're trying to keep the 2 bedroom/4 bed chalet at the back of their place a secret so that we can come back time and time again without others competing for bookings! An amazing spot!

John Fleetwood, as well as guiding Dan and keeping him on track has also managed to take some amazing photos. Hopefully I'll manage to attach these below. I apologise to any purists if they are not necessarily in the correct order but I'm sure you'll get the gist.

Not looking so good after a night in the wilds and sleeping in a parachute!

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