Sunday, 2 February 2014

Work stops play!

A quite demanding week at work meant that I missed a couple of my planned sessions. Although this was a bit disappointing, the silver lining to that cloud is that the resulting easy week has meant that my foot is now much better and I've managed a couple of tentative runs which have thankfully been pain free. I need to be cautious upping the milage now but would have settled for just 10 days out of running when my foot was killing me a week and a half ago!

M: Rest
T: Rest
W: Bike 1 hr 15 mins
T: Bike 1 hr 30 mins
F: Bike 1 hr  Swim 30 mins
S: Run 35 mins
S: Swim 30 mins    Run 1 hr

Total:  1hr 30 mins running         1 hr swimming        4 hrs biking           30 mins pilates

I've also been cracking on with plotting the route onto 1:50000 OS maps. I have a mixture of emotions doing this. First and foremost is the excitement and joy at the thought of having nothing to do every day but move through the Highlands. I love maps and get a real pleasure from anticipating what the terrain will be like as I plot the route on the map. The other feeling I have would be best described as trepidation as the reality of the length of some of the days starts to become clear! My schedule is broadly based on Spyke's schedule from 2010 and I am in awe of what he achieved. He had no rest days at all and his round included some massive days.

Although I have spent quite a bit of time climbing and running up there over the years and know some parts well, I have only been up about 30 or 40 Munros before by my reckoning. The days giving me most pause for thought are the first day (which has 2 sea kayaks and 3 different bike sections separating Ben More on Mull and Beinn a' Bheithir to the south of Glencoe), the 2 Cairngorms days (with a night in Corrour bothy in between) and all the Knoydart Munros on Day 24. Im sure there will be many other tough ones as well. The weather has the potential to make any day tough, or even impossible! Strangely though, these are the days I'm also most looking forward to, and they are the reason I want to do it. As they say, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it!

10 weeks to go

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