Sunday, 9 February 2014

The pain of discipline

A good week back on the running after a couple of weeks off. What a relief! Touch wood my foot seems better  now and I've managed 5 runs this week including a wild slog up Sergant Man today in the wind, snow and rain. Also managed to eat a bit better this week. I need to shed a few pounds before April and it's time to get on top of the diet now. I know I'm a good half a stone above what I want to be when I set off so time for some discipline with the eating. It is something I know I can do (having done it many times before) but still find difficult. Like many runners I get big cravings for food that is bad for me! And all too often I submit! 

Training this week:

M: Rest
T: Run 55 mins
W: Pilates and 50 mins run
T: 1 hr 15 mins run
F: Swim 30 mins and 40 mins run
S: 15 min run and 2 hr bike
S: 1 hr 45 min run

Totals:  Run 5 hr 30 mins        Bike: 2 hours        Swim: 30 mins          Pilates: 30 mins

9 weeks to go

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