Monday, 17 February 2014

Plans, purchases and perspiration

I am on holiday this week and have a list as long as my arm of stuff I really must get sorted before I return to work and the hectic slog that is the run up to Easter. No progress as yet on the motorhome, but we are off to see a couple today so hopefully will be the proud owners of one by the end of the week. Another big job that I've got finished is plotting the route on 1:50000 maps. No small task this as I reckon the route is between 1000 and 1500 miles long and to see that bright yellow line weaving around connecting these wild and unfamiliar places brings home the stark reality of what awaits. Am I lucky or stupid!?

My kitchen table recently

Pinning people down to come up for specific dates is something else that is proving difficult largely down to me not having the time to keep people informed and up to date. Most of the people signed up definitely so far are in the first 7 days (Easter hols) and its looking a bit thin after that. Im the kind of person that drifts along confidently thinking (knowing!!) that everything will be alright in the end. I have a long list of folk keen in principle who have very kindly said they would love to come up, the challenge will be getting them psyched enough to put their hat in the ring and commit to certain dates. It's a long drive without a doubt but what awaits should make it worth it. It's the nights where I'm out camping or at bothies where I really need support lugging stuff in and out. If you are reading this and would like to come up for a very steady day or two out on the hill up there at the end of April/May then get in touch and I'll send you my schedule. I'm at danmunro at gmail dot com. 

Another aspect I'm keen to get pretty much sorted this week is a lot of the kit that I need. Later on today I'm taking my long neglected mountain bike into Wheelbase for them to work their magic and get it running nicely again. Toby (taxi driver to the stars!) there has been very generous with his support and I really appreciate that. I also need some other bits from The Climbers' Shop in Ambleside. I've got plenty of running stuff but what I don't have is the kit I would need for moving more slowly for long periods of time and sleeping out for several nights in remote places. Mountain mitts, powerstretch tights and top, lightweight sleeping mat and a few other bits and pieces. Again, they have been generous in helping me get hold the things that I need at a good price.

In amongst all this I've been running! Quite a good week in the wet and wild winds culminating in a great run in the snow with Matt B on Sunday. 10 hours training in total which is enough I think. Some good advice I've had from several clued up people including Spyke is not to overdo the training in the run up and end up injured or exhusted. Sound advice no doubt! I'll hopefully get fit as I go when I set of in April but if I can keep the training to 8 - 10 hours in the run up (maybe a bit more this week as I'm off work) then that should be fine. My diet has been much improved this week and I feel a bit lighter and fitter. Still another few pounds to shed though!

M: Rest
T: 1 hr 15 mins club Ambleside trails
W: 50 mins Scars
T: 50 mins Scars
F: 1 hour Scars
S: 2 hr 30 mins road bike Langdale with Jane
S: 3 hr 40 Hartsop - Haweswater loop with Matt B

Total running: 7hr 15             Bike: 2hr 30               Pilates: 1hr

8 weeks to go
 On The Knott

 Before High Street

 High Street

 Getting steep - spikes on!

 Threshthwaite and Ullswater

 Blea Water

Coming off Hartsop Dodd

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