Sunday, 16 March 2014

A different mindset

This is the first post for a couple of weeks as I've been so busy. It's only four weeks tomorrow until I set off and I've been busy at work and trying to get the miles in on top. I've managed regular 5+ hour runs weekly now for quite a while and they have been a chance for me to 'practise' moving at a steadier pace and getting some proper food down, something that I've never really managed to do well in all my years of running. I tend to feel like food gets stuck and won't digest properly and it makes me feel sick. Even on my BG I didn't eat any proper food like sandwiches and consequently slowed right down at the end. A good piece of advice a friend gave me was to drink and eat separately, leaving some time in between, and this has worked well on the last few mountain marathons I've done. 

Eating will obviously be key in Scotland so the last few long runs I've taken butties, malt loaf and other foods and the good news is that at a steadier pace, I can eat plenty and I haven't felt any ill effects. This slower pace of around 3mph and slower feels really steady and I've been enjoying lots of simple things that I haven't enjoyed in many years of charging round the fells training and racing. Pleasures such as stopping to talk to people, taking photos and enjoying the view. I've also found that at this much slower pace my quads are not trashed for the next couple of days like they sometimes are after lots of ascent and descent. This obviously bodes well for Scotland also.

Stickle Tarn with Side Pike beyond from last Sunday

Training is going ok. For various reasons I've had 3 rest days this week compared to the usual 1 and I felt a bit sprightlier on today's long run as a result. Fairfield in the moonlight on Tuesday was also a highlight (hopefully the last run in the dark for a while!)

Last week:

M: Rest
T: 1 hour 5 mins Scars
W: 50 mins Scars
T: 50 mins Scars
F: 45 mins Scars
S: 2 hours 30 mins hard road bike ride
S: 5 hours Wetherlam - Swirl How - Blisco - Langdale - Sergant Man - Loughrigg - Ambleside

Totals:       Run 8 hours 30 mins              Bike 2 hours 30 mins

This week:

M: Rest
T: 2 hours 15 mins Fairfield Horseshoe
W: 40 mins Scars
T: Rest
F: Rest
S: 2 hours road bike steady
S: 5 hours 40 mins ODG - Gable - Pillar - Yewbarrow - Wasdale - Esk Hause - ODG

Totals:           Run 8 hours 30 mins          Bike 2 hours

4 weeks to go

 Matt B at the top of Rossett Ghyll

 Down to Angle Tarn

Contouring below Kirkfell with Ennerdale below

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