Monday, 30 December 2013

Festive cheer

Well I have certainly drunk and eaten too much as always this Christmas. It has been a typically hectic last couple of weeks rammed full of parties, meals, pantomimes and visits to friends, relatives and Santa! Im pleased that I've managed to keep the running going to some extent, managing 7 hours this last week and about 6 hours for each of the two weeks before that. Last week looked like this:

M: 50 mins road run in wild weather
T: 1 hr 45 mins low level run in Langdale
W: 45 mins Cunswick Scar
T: Rest
F: 2hr 10 mins Loughrigg and Lingmoor from Ambleside
S: 50 mins road run
S: 50 mins Cunswick Scar

Total: 7 hrs running  5000 feet of ascent

Another week of similar plodding before stepping it up in Jan and Feb. As well as the training, this next week will be taken up with lots more poring over maps and hopefully firming up a few dates from friends keen to help out.

16 weeks to go.

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